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Where are some AWESOME pix of shamrock tattoos?

If you could give me some sites that would rock.

Where are some AWESOME pix of shamrock tattoos?
What you should do is: Go to the shop of your choice. Talk to one of the artist in there. Tell him what you want, size wise and colors. Let the artist use his imagination to create you a truly unique tat. I believe that you will get the best results this way.
Reply:try this link you may find something you like....
Reply:yea i coppy you ok hahahaha can do nothing.
Reply:try a website called
Reply:just type "Shamrock tattoos" into google ! Amazing sites came up like

the list goes on ! Give it a try !

Shark Teeth

Cool tattoo with a fleur de lis and a shamrock?

Anyone ever seen these two symbols tattooed? and if so how did it look? I really would like to have these two symbols tatted on me, but i'm not sure where and what I could use to sort of make it flow. anyone have any ideas?

Cool tattoo with a fleur de lis and a shamrock?
Why not put them on top of one another. Make the fleur de lis fairly big in one color, and then put the shamrock inside it in green (or whatever color... i'd just imagine you'd want green). I think that would be one way to incorperate them both into one another.

Everyone and their sister has a shamrock tattoo. They're all over the place. Google both designs and see if there's any pictures of them that you like. Then take them to the tattoo shop and tell them how you want it to look. I'm sure you could come up with something pretty awesome.

Good luck!
Reply:I have that actual tattoo. I'm an Irish kid (well, not a kid anymore), and I'm from New Orleans, now living in Nashville. Let me know if you've been able to find the artwork you're looking for, I'll help if I can. Report It

Where has the wrestling star Ken Shamrock disappeared?

Is Ken Shamrock wrestling now a days or not. If he is wrestling whr is h wrestling 7 if not y is he not? Can any one answr this?

Where has the wrestling star Ken Shamrock disappeared?
For once, Bob seems to know what he's talking about.
Reply:hes not wrestling anymore.hes a coach on the mma show '"battle ground" on tv
Reply:hes in ultimate fighting
Reply:ufc coach
Reply:he is in MMA on the show battle ground which is IFL he is a coach in IFL
Reply:Was the Ultimate Fighter Coach against Tito. Tito Destroyed him in the finale where they fought and now Ken is a coach for the IFL (Battleground).
Reply:Ken Shamrock was an MMA fighter and the then WWF brought in to make wrestling seem more real, look Ken Shamrock in in wrestling so it must be real, he was never an good at wrestling and he went back to MMA where he has fought a few times but his main job is coach of one of the teams in the IFL. At one time Ken Shamrock was one of the best Mixed Martial Artist around if not the best!
Reply:he went to ufc
Reply:Ken Shamrock went back to MMA...
Reply:he went to MMA.
Reply:he went to ufc and then retired i guess

Did the frank shamrock vs cung le fight already happen?

If so who won?

Did the frank shamrock vs cung le fight already happen?
It happened on 3/29 in San Jose. I was live in attendance to see Frank get destroyed.
Reply:cung le won it happened like a week ago
Reply:shamerock got injurred in the fight my friend
Reply:YUP, Cung Went the distance and won. He ended up breaking Franks arm. pfft
Reply:Cung Le won by TKO. Round 3 at 5:00 (End of the round).

Although it isn't know when it happened, it's believe that in the second round, Cung Le fractured Frank's Ulna, but Frank did not feel it enough to stop fighting until the third round. If you watch the video, you can see when Frank tries to block a kick, and he starts to back off due to the damage from it.

Who would win in a fight, Steven Seagal or Ken Shamrock?

Both in their prime.

In the ring - who would win?

Off the ring - who would win?

Who would win in a fight, Steven Seagal or Ken Shamrock?
Steven Seagal in any venue. He's a 7th-dan black belt in Aikido.

Shamrock would last 10 seconds tops.

William Z, you need to do some research. Seagal is a world class martial artist, not just an actor.

EDIT - Stuart, read my comment to William and apply it to what you said.

EDIT - Stuart you are obviously some kid just looking for attention. So I'll bite and give you a little. You are uninformed about Steven Seagal. Do you know what 7th-dan black belt means? Apparently you don't, so let me explain it to you. There are 9 black belt dans (stages or steps) in Aikido. Only masters in the art reach 7th dan. Stop being a little punk trying to be tough on here and gain some knowledge of something before you make asinine comments.

Reply:I have never seen akido used in a live situation but what they do in the dojo always looks impressive, I would put my money on Seagal
Reply:Let's see Steven Seagal is a Aikido master. Ken Shamrock is a actual fighter who uses proven techniques in a fight.

Who are we kidding Aikido is a useless martial art! It was designed for little sissies to think they had a chance against the big boys!


Besides Steven Seagal has the arms of a girl and the stomach of a pregnant girl!

So in all reality it's a pregnant girl vs. a full grown tough street wise trained fighter!

KEN SHAMROCK wins in the first few seconds!
Reply:Ken Shamrock.
Reply:Seagal would get his *** kicked in the ring, out of the ring or while eating onion rings.

Actor vs. Actual Fighter = Knocked out Actor

Kris: Please read this comment and relate it to yourself: Hi- YAH! Seagal is a phony!

Are you all crazy? A fat, out-of-shape actor against a hurting machine like Shamrock? Seagal might win if he were able to choreograph it!
Reply:in there prime seagal would win!!!

now that age has caught up to him I would still say Shamrock would have his hands full.

oh yeah this is for jay101

if I knew you were over the age of 18

I would show you a thing or two about Aikido and the big boys,as you put it. So if you are the age limit, this is your invite to come and get on or off the mats with one of my students or even me for that matter.
Reply:The fight will be like this....Steven Seagal will start out looking good using all his fancy moves and bitchslap Ken Shamrock. Ken can't cope with Steven fast hand so he shoot for Steven legs and take him down to the ground. While there Ken put a knee bar on Steven, Steven cry out in pain and tap out in the ring and was rescue by the referee. Out of the ring his knee will be dislocated and he will pass out cold.
Reply:The world will never know......
Reply:shamrock and shamrock. Seagal is a movie star. Ken will put a real hass whooping. Seagel is too fat besides he loves his harmonica too much. Van DAmme will whoop ahhhh, nevermind.
Reply:this is coomon knowledge - STEVEN SEAGAL

In the ring, outside of the ring, with a ring , its all the same.

the guy doesnt even get a bruise.
Reply:I don't understand how anyone could predict the outcome of any fight. Who knows who would win.

Shamrock is in better shape, so that is an advantage for him, but anything could happen in the fight that can cause him to lose. Same with Seagal.

You can predict who has the better physical advantage, but as far as the outcome of the fight goes, you can't predict that.

Also, only stupid people would put down a martial art and say it is useless. Appearantly the idiots don't know that martial arts don't fight, the person does, so saying that "Aikido" would lose is completely idiotic. Lol oh boy.

True that Aikido training doesn't have alot of kicks and strikes and the opponents are complient, but that doesn't mean you have to fight exactly like that in real combat. Just goes to show you how dumb some people really are.
Reply:Seagal both ways.
Reply:shamrock all the way

casual shoes

Who would you prefer to fight in a bar, Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes or Ken Shamrock?

Remember youre in the bar and one of these fighters walks up to you and wants to fight, which one do you take and why. There is no backing ou you have to fight one.

Who would you prefer to fight in a bar, Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes or Ken Shamrock?
i would offer to by either one quiet a few beers. seriously though, i would rather take on Ken. Chuck of course because he's Chuck and for the fact that he's really quick on his feet. if i'm in a bar, then i'll be trying to grab a pool stick, stool, chair, etc...some kind of weapon. Chuck is way to fast and doesn't have and weakeness from any prior injuries that i know of. I wouldn't want to fight Matt because he's a smaller guy that is super strong. He knows how to get under some one the pick them up and throw them to the ground and ground and pound them...that is if he isn't trying to get an arm bar on me. he's been having trouble doing that lately. although, if he's a little snookered himself, he might try to just trabe punches, which is where a chair might help.

Other than the fact that Ken is getting old and has been beaten 7 of his last 10 fights, he's also the one that might just lose control by getting too angry, too quick and then some one that still has an even head on his shoulder can possibly take advantage of him. there's no such thing as a clean fight in a bar. it's not UFC rules in there. he's got weak knees, i would work on that first and move on to a blunt weapon near by.

Now thinking from a legal aspect of everything, i would rather get in a fight with Chuck. He's the highes paid fighter in the UFC. he's driving ferraris around. if he comes up to me and starts a's self defense. he's a liscensed fighter and if he was to start a fight in a bar scene. it would be worth getting knocked out by Chuck Liddell.
Reply:what he said
Reply:Hughes because since I would be getting my *** kicked anyways at least he is smaller than those other guys.
Reply:Chuck. He would knock me out quickly and the fight would be over. I would have a sore jaw but that would be it.

Shamrock would ground and pound me into submission, which would hurt a lot more.

Hughes would take me down and probably choke me out, but he might arm bar me and break something.

And to all you who though you could actually take one of these guys, keep dreaming!
Reply:Matt Hughes, because he wouldn't be in the bar to pick a fight, he isn't the bar type.

But if I had to fight one of them I would probably go against Chuck Liddell, simply because he would knock me out quickly and then I could tell everyone that I got knocked out by Chuck Liddell in a bar fight.

Seriously though if any of these guys came up to me and wanted to fight, I would have to pussy out and back down... I'm not as young or as stupid as I once was.
Reply:Chuck, maybee I would get paid more? from the stories and pictures of the bruises I can sell to the media and tv interviews.

I would probably throw in al aw suit there too, just for that boat I always wanted.
Reply:Ken Shamrock definitely, the guy is out, he's got nothing.
Reply:ken shamrock because he's out of his prime and if I strike his knees I might have a chance. chuck is to doped up to feel pain and he's strong as an ox. matt hughes probably wouldn't be in a bar but if he was then he would kill me and everyone else just to be the badest dude alive.
Reply:All three at once. No joke. They would all be so aggressive and want to pummel me. Thats because many people want to kick my $%26amp;*. They would be over aggressive and end up bickering with eachother about who gets to beat me down and then start fighting with eachother. Liddell knocks out Hughes who is being submissioned by Sham, Sham gets up and hit Liddell with a bottle. I take a shot (of wild turkey). Liddell takes the glass out of his forehead and stabs Sham. I take another shot (of wild turkey). Then while Liddell is stabbing Sham repeatedly I hit Chuck in the head with a steel bar stool. Game over. Wait-I have to take another shot (of wild turkey). Honestly I would crap my pants and run-or have a girl fight in my place-in a jello pit. Sweet!
Reply:Matt Hughes, b/c after he broke me and knocked me out, I don't think he'd kill me. If you fight guys like that, you know you're going to lose. I'd rather fight the one classy enough to not kill me.
Reply:Chuck because chances are he would be to drugged out to throw a punch. Makes you really wonder why he is called the Iceman.

Has anyone stayed at Kan-Irag Hotel or Shamrock Pension in Cebu?

If so, what is your experience with them.

Has anyone stayed at Kan-Irag Hotel or Shamrock Pension in Cebu?
kan-irag is cheap and the facilities are basic and quite old. but location and cost are great. you don't expect to stay whole day in your hotel room and if ever you are in your eyes are close or otherwise.
Reply:I haven't been there but I've passed by those hotels when I went to Cebu almost two months ago.. as I can say they are both shabby. %26lt;*-*%26gt;
Reply:If you want to stay in Cebu and looking for an affordable,clean and safe pension house and also very accessible to anything like restaurant, malls and transportation...i would suggest "Apple Tree Suite" (in front of Fuente Pension House, at the back of Elegant Circle Inn) stayed there last March 3 - March other option would be NS Pension House with Free Breakfast...